Courtney Iseman

Courtney Iseman is a freelancer writer focused on the craft-beverage space, based in Brooklyn, New York.

Zooming in on Craft Shochu

In the second of two articles on the making of soju and shochu, we take a closer look at the all-important koji mold, and we hear from three different producers of shochu—the light spirit that’s been outselling sake in Japan since 2003.

Soju and Shochu: Cousins in Craft Distilling

These two lighter spirits from East Asia have long traditions and remain popular in their home countries, but they are not the same. American drinkers are catching on. In the first of two articles, we look at the differences and then zoom in on craft soju.

American Aquavit: Riffing on a Scandinavian Staple

With its long-established tradition and unique flavors, aquavit is finding favor among North American drinkers and bartenders—and among craft distillers, who appreciate its familiar process and opportunities for distinctive character.

A New Perennial Favorite: Making Whiskey with Kernza

There are costs and challenges—and it’s not all that easy to find—but a growing handful of distillers are excited about the potential of Kernza, a perennial grain domesticated for its environmental benefits.

Chart a Course to Your Best Absinthe

You’re not hallucinating: Absinthe is enjoying some overdue growth among American drinkers. In the first of a two-part series, we consider its background and trajectory—and in the next, we’ll zoom in on the craft of making it.

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Assembling Your Absinthe Bouquet

Once you understand the basics of absinthe and broadly which path you intend to follow, it’s time to make some flavor decisions. Here we consider how you can put your own thumbprint on the spirit via botanicals and other creative choices.