Riding the Boom, Contract Distillers Are Selling More than Whiskey

Meeting the demand for bourbon brands whose owners want others to manage production, contract distillers are offering state-of-the-art facilities, high levels of customization, and a wide range of support in getting to market.

CS&D Podcast Episode 10: Andy Nelson, Cofounder of Nelson’s Green Brier Distillery and Belle Meade Bourbon, on the Life Cycle of a Modern Distillery

Launching a whiskey distillery is not for the faint of heart. Balancing the timing, financing, logistics, brand building, quality, creative expression, distillery construction, and legacy has left Andy Nelson feeling as much like a jack-of-all-trades as he does a head distiller.

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The Sensory of Spirits: 4VG, Whiskey, and You

The spicy compound 4-vinyl-guaiacol occurs in many drinks, but among distillers, it’s best known as a flavor component of certain whiskeys—especially ryes. Whether you want to dial it up, dial it down, or just dial it in, here’s what to know.

Distiller’s Perspective: Reconstructing an Original French Amer

The Golden Moon Distillery in Golden, Colorado, recently closed its doors after 16 years of producing creative, award-winning craft spirits—such as its Amer Antik, closely based on a mid-19th century recipe. Here, Stephen Gould explains what went into the old-fashioned bitters, and he shares advice for up-and-coming distillers.

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Distilling American Single Malt Whiskey

Boulder Spirits distiller Justin Baier walks you through the process and materials of making an American single malt whiskey and what they’re learning along the way.

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Getting the Most From Your Lab Still

Whether you’re evaluating a new grain, prototyping a new recipe, or checking the proof of a liqueur, a lab still can be an essential tool for small distilleries.

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Decoding the Numbers on Your Grain

Don’t take that certificate of analysis for granted—the stats attached to your raw grain or malt can make a big difference in how you ferment and distill a consistent, quality spirit. Here’s what to know.

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There’s a Sap for That

Spirits made from tree sap or syrup—usually maple, though other possibilities exist—are a widely overlooked opportunity for craft distillers to harness local flavor.

CS&D Podcast Episode 9: Nicole Austin of George Dickel Takes a Thoughtful and Contextual Approach to Blending Beautiful Whiskies

There’s no one best way to blend whiskey—but for this award-winning distiller and blender, the key is taking an approach that fits the intended goal.

Cocktail Companions for Grilling Season

For Independence Day and beyond, here are some cocktails perfect for enjoying while you work the grill or enjoy those summertime foods kissed by fire.

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Those Foeders Are Full of Spirit

Like big, brown Easter eggs that contain surprises unique to each producer, some unusually shaped oak vessels for aging and blending are appearing in a few distilleries. While they aren’t for everyone, their owners tend to praise their impressive look and small footprint.

Veggies in the Distillery: These Aren’t Your Garden-Variety Spirits

Craft distillers who are open to the wide world of vegetables may find fertile soil to grow spirits that stand out in the market.

At Scotland’s Holyrood, Great Whiskey Starts with Great Beer

Holyrood Distillery in Edinburgh takes inspiration from the world of craft brewing, charting a new course in the tradition-heavy world of Scotch.

CS&D Podcast Episode 8: Clear Creek Master Distiller Caitlin Bartlemay Thrives on the Challenges of Fruit Brandy and American Single Malt

Distilling fruit brandies from whole fruit is a technical and logistical challenge, but for Caitlin Bartlemay, it’s nowhere near as difficult as educating consumers about the process, ingredients, and history of this storied spirit.

Embracing the Seasonality of Craft Gin

As the market for craft gin expands, distillers are opting for seasonal gin choices that often go hand in hand with a focus on connecting gin to a place—for example, by using local, hand-harvested botanicals. Here, we share some tips on harvesting, storing, and balancing botanicals.

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Do the Math: Dialing in the Right Mash Bill for Your Whiskey

Unless you’re working with a single-grain mash bill, writing a whiskey recipe can be a daunting mental exercise worthy of trip to the therapist. From a master distiller, here are some tips to guide you through the process.

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