CS&D Podcast Episode 8: Clear Creek Master Distiller Caitlin Bartlemay Thrives on the Challenges of Fruit Brandy and American Single Malt

Distilling fruit brandies from whole fruit is a technical and logistical challenge, but for Caitlin Bartlemay, it’s nowhere near as difficult as educating consumers about the process, ingredients, and history of this storied spirit.

Embracing the Seasonality of Craft Gin

As the market for craft gin expands, distillers are opting for seasonal gin choices that often go hand in hand with a focus on connecting gin to a place—for example, by using local, hand-harvested botanicals. Here, we share some tips on harvesting, storing, and balancing botanicals.

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Do the Math: Dialing in the Right Mash Bill for Your Whiskey

Unless you’re working with a single-grain mash bill, writing a whiskey recipe can be a daunting mental exercise worthy of trip to the therapist. From a master distiller, here are some tips to guide you through the process.

Video Tip: Making Malt from What Nature Gives You

No two barleys are identical, so the maltster must adjust. Root Shoot head maltster Mike Myers explains how different varieties, harvests, and the weather all affect the process of making quality malt for distillers and brewers.

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Distilling American Single Malt Whiskey

Boulder Spirits distiller Justin Baier walks you through the process and materials of making an American single malt whiskey and what they’re learning along the way.

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Getting the Most From Your Lab Still

Whether you’re evaluating a new grain, prototyping a new recipe, or checking the proof of a liqueur, a lab still can be an essential tool for small distilleries.

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Dads in the Distillery: Cocktails for Father’s Day

From the pros who make the spirits, here are some surefire ways to mix the spirit-loving dad in your life something special on Father’s Day.

CS&D Podcast Episode 7: Heaven Hill Master Distiller Conor O’Driscoll is Tackling New Challenges in the Biggest Way Possible—by Building a New Distillery

Heaven Hill’s seventh master distiller got his start as a chemical engineer before finding his way into whiskey. Now, Conor O’Driscoll is leading the storied distillery’s next chapter, as they build and commission the new Heaven Hill Springs distillery, and as they tackle new processes for making their beloved brands.

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When It’s Time to Rebrand Your Craft Distillery

If you’ve built your distilling business to last, there will come a day to breathe new life into the brand and update its look. The first trick is in knowing when that day has come—then comes the soul-searching.

Rhum Arrangé: How Craft Distilleries Can Beat the Big-Brand “Spiced” Rums

Never mind the haters. Rum infusions represent an opportunity to win fans by adding flavor and complexity to an often-overlooked category.

Can Your Craft: Getting Started in Ready-to-Drink Cocktails

The ready-to-drink cocktail industry is exploding, offering a new era of innovation for those looking for lighter, more drinkable beverages. Giving your craft cocktails a life outside the distillery can create a significant source of revenue and increase your brand awareness. And getting started is simpler than you think.

CS&D Podcast Episode 6: Andy Garrison of Stone Barn Brandyworks Takes a Value-Added Approach to Distilling Fruits and Vegetables

The self-styled maker of “irrational fever dreams” and “peasant indulgences” shares his principled yet technical approach to making spirits from unusual ingredients such as carrots, ramen noodles, and more.

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Descriptive Analysis: When Evaluating Spirits, Use Your Words

It can be time-consuming and expensive to establish and train a well-run descriptive tasting panel—but it’s a powerful tool for craft distillers to assess their products for flavor, aroma, and consistency.

Why Glycosidic Nitrile Should Concern Distillers

A recognized carcinogen occurs in most domestic malted barley—but careful distillers can avoid it. Here’s what to know.

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How Small Distilleries Can Win with Bottled Whiskey Cocktails

Releasing your tasting room’s Manhattan or old fashioned as an RTD isn’t as simple as scaling up and bottling the recipe. Here’s some advice from two craft distilleries on how to do it successfully.

Distillers, Mothers, Cocktail Lovers

Here’s how to celebrate Mother’s Day in a way that befits a distiller.

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