Distilling American Single Malt Whiskey

Boulder Spirits distiller Justin Baier walks you through the process and materials of making an American single malt whiskey and what they’re learning along the way.

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American Aquavit: Riffing on a Scandinavian Staple

With its long-established tradition and unique flavors, aquavit is finding favor among North American drinkers and bartenders—and among craft distillers, who appreciate its familiar process and opportunities for distinctive character.

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Malt Outlook: Stable Supply and New Barleys

Recent barley reports and new recommended varieties offer distillers and brewers some welcome assurances and a glimpse of the future, including barleys better suited to nontraditional growing areas.

Finding Fresh Paths for Whiskey Stillage

Distilleries are growing and multiplying, but there are only so many cattle to eat the spent grains. As the whiskey industry expands, meanwhile, Kentucky is a hotbed for innovation in uses for stillage.

Use Your Booze, Please the Crowd: Delicious Homemade Liqueurs

Once you get into making your own liqueurs, it can be hard to stop, whether at the bar or at home—there are many ways to get creative, they make great gifts, and they can help you use up those leftover spirits.

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Distilling American Single Malt Whiskey

Boulder Spirits distiller Justin Baier walks you through the process and materials of making an American single malt whiskey and what they’re learning along the way.

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Getting the Most From Your Lab Still

Whether you’re evaluating a new grain, prototyping a new recipe, or checking the proof of a liqueur, a lab still can be an essential tool for small distilleries.

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Video Tip: Mashing and Fermenting the Wash for Craft Whiskey

Distiller Justin Baier walks us through the details and numbers of mashing and fermenting a wash for single-malt whiskey at Boulder Spirits—including what sets the process apart from brewing beer.

The Craft Distiller’s Guide to Drinking in Denver

With the 2024 American Craft Spirits Association convention heading to Denver this month, locally based drinks writer Ryan Pachmayer highlights some of the city’s top-tier destinations for cocktails, spirits, and more.

Beyond Quercus Alba: Distillers Eye Other American Oaks for Novel Flavor

With almost 100 species of oak just in the United States, distillers are looking at varieties beyond the traditional American white oak to explore their impact on spirits.

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Statistics, But Not Damned Lies: Analyzing Your Spirits

When it comes to analyzing the results of sensory evaluation, statistics can be a complicated yet powerful tool to use in the pursuit of higher-quality spirits.

Farmer’s Perspective: Growing Grains for Flavorful Spirits

In the second of two articles looking at a farm-to-bottle relationship between distiller and farmer—in their own words—Jason Cody of Colorado Malting discusses the challenges and benefits of growing and malting characterful grains on a small scale. As told to Ryan Pachmayer.

Mezcal de Pechuga: It’s a Meaty Mystery

Step aside beer-can chicken. Poultry is the special ingredient that lends a subtle touch to a traditional, distinctly flavorful, small-batch variety of mezcal—the problem is, nobody seems to know why.

Distiller’s Perspective: Laws Whiskey and the Farm-to-Bottle Connection

Founded in 2011, Laws Whiskey House in Denver has built its award-winning bourbons and ryes on Colorado-grown heirloom grains. Here, in the first of two articles—the next from the farmer’s perspective—founder Al Laws discusses how these crops shape the character of their “dirt-to-glass” spirits. As told to Ryan Pachmayer.

Brewery + Distillery: The Perfect Pairing for Success

Adding distillation equipment to your brewery offers the benefits of expanded product ranges, enhanced revenue opportunities, captivating consumer experiences, and differentiated branding.

Working with Independent Bottlers and Blending Houses

For craft-whiskey distilleries, independent bottlers and blenders offer unique opportunities for collaboration and raising brand awareness.

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Case Study: Black Frost and the Pursuit of “Rum Oil”

Led by a brewmaster with a family legacy, a hunger for knowledge, and a passion for mixed-culture fermentation, Minnesota’s Black Frost Distilling is producing fragrant, old-fashioned rums using half-wild yeast and open-topped wooden fermentors.

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