Daniel Stewart

Daniel Stewart is head distiller at Ology Distilling in Tallahassee, Florida, where he makes rum and whiskey. He is also a beekeeper and sourdough baker. He writes about whiskey and other spirits at slowdrams.com.


Beyond Oak: Craft Distillers Are Branching Out

While nothing is likely to replace the mighty oak for barrels, distillers are exploring a variety of other woods for aging spirits with distinctive character.

Beyond Quercus Alba: Distillers Eye Other American Oaks for Novel Flavor

With almost 100 species of oak just in the United States, distillers are looking at varieties beyond the traditional American white oak to explore their impact on spirits.

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Time and Heat: The Science of Preparing Wood for Spirits

Many compounds within oak add flavors to spirits; the most desirable ones come from seasoning, toasting, and charring. While we don’t understand all these compounds, research is improving our knowledge of the ways that oak can influence spirits.

American Oak Varies by Region. Does It Matter to Your Whiskey?

Many American whiskey producers are convinced the variation in the oak they use is noticeable and important to their spirit’s character. Here’s a look at the facts.