Hollie Stephens

Hollie Stephens is an award-winning journalist based in New Mexico and originally from the United Kingdom. Her work has been published in Craft Beer & Brewing Magazine®, Brewer and Distiller International Magazine, Wine Enthusiast, and many other publications.

Riding the Boom, Contract Distillers Are Selling More than Whiskey

Meeting the demand for bourbon brands whose owners want others to manage production, contract distillers are offering state-of-the-art facilities, high levels of customization, and a wide range of support in getting to market.

Embracing the Seasonality of Craft Gin

As the market for craft gin expands, distillers are opting for seasonal gin choices that often go hand in hand with a focus on connecting gin to a place—for example, by using local, hand-harvested botanicals. Here, we share some tips on harvesting, storing, and balancing botanicals.

Making Spirits with Uncommon Grain Varieties

Meet some of the distillers who are building unique grain bills for their spirits through research, farmer relationships, and environmentally mindful production.

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Spirit of Experimentation: Casks that Intrigue

When selecting barrels to finish their spirits, some craft distillers are going against the grain.

Finding Fresh Paths for Whiskey Stillage

Distilleries are growing and multiplying, but there are only so many cattle to eat the spent grains. As the whiskey industry expands, meanwhile, Kentucky is a hotbed for innovation in uses for stillage.

Distilleries Designed the Green Way

Meet some distillers who are placing environmentally sound site design and sustainable certifications at the forefront of their missions.