Louis Livingston-Garcia

Louis Livingston-Garcia has worked as lead storyteller for Crafted for All, a consulting firm and professional development platform that fosters inclusive, equitable, and just spaces and experiences in the craft-beverage sector. He also helms the Tulip and Schooner beer and spirit newsletter for Heavy Table, which creates culinary stories for Minnesota and beyond.

Why Distilling a Dairy By-Product May Be a Whey Forward

It may sound cheesy, but some American distillers are joining a trend from overseas—fermenting and distilling spirits with whey.

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Case Study: Black Frost and the Pursuit of “Rum Oil”

Led by a brewmaster with a family legacy, a hunger for knowledge, and a passion for mixed-culture fermentation, Minnesota’s Black Frost Distilling is producing fragrant, old-fashioned rums using half-wild yeast and open-topped wooden fermentors.