Matt Strickland

Matt Strickland is an active teacher in the distilled-spirits industry, sitting on the faculty of The Distilled Spirits Epicenter and The Siebel Institute. He is an active writer, producing numerous technical scripts for industry publications. He has written two books for distillers, “Cask Management for Distillers” (White Mule Press, 2020) and “Batch Distillation: Science and Practice” (White Mule Press, 2021). Currently Matt is the Master Distiller for Iron City Distilling in Creighton, Pennsylvania, where he focuses on historically accurate rye whiskey production.

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Do the Math: Dialing in the Right Mash Bill for Your Whiskey

Unless you’re working with a single-grain mash bill, writing a whiskey recipe can be a daunting mental exercise worthy of trip to the therapist. From a master distiller, here are some tips to guide you through the process.