Tiney Ricciardi

Tiney Ricciardi is a Colorado-based journalist who covers beer, spirits, cannabis, and other "earthly delights." She's also a staff reporter for The Denver Post.

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Those Foeders Are Full of Spirit

Like big, brown Easter eggs that contain surprises unique to each producer, some unusually shaped oak vessels for aging and blending are appearing in a few distilleries. While they aren’t for everyone, their owners tend to praise their impressive look and small footprint.

In Favor of Flavor: Distillers Who Eschew Neutrality in Their Vodkas

A change in TTB rules has opened the door for craft distillers to produce vodkas with character. The next challenge: Convince customers it’s worth the price.

Dollar Trees: Distilleries Kick in on Reforestation

Planting trees is critical to alleviating climate change, and wood is critical to the spirits industry. With support from customers, distilleries are giving to programs that plant more trees—often for a buck a bottle.