Distilling for Beer Brewers

Distillation at a small scale.

Feisty Spirits Founder Jamie Gulden covers the distillation process, equipment, proofing, and techniques specifically for beer brewers.

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Feisty Spirits is a craft distillery focused on hand-crafted small-batch distilling. They use only natural and organic ingredients, and source locally whenever possible. Feisty Spirits has won more than 21 different medals and awards. Please note, it is illegal to distill alcohol without having either a "distilled spirits permit" or a "federal fuel alcohol permit." It does not matter if the alcohol is for personal use only. This course is intended to be an educational course, not a how to. Join Feisty Founder Jamison Gulden in this video course as he walks you through:

  • The basics of distilling
  • The components of a still
  • Proofing your spirit
  • Barrel aging and blending
  • Mashing your spirit
  • The process differences between beer and liquor

Instructor(s): Jamie Gulden


1. About This Course | Distilling for Brewers

The course's first chapter offers an overview of the course itself, outlining the key topics covered and the learning objectives to help you make the most of your distillation journey.

2. Basics of Distilling | Distilling for Brewers

Master the fundamental principles of distillation. This chapter provides a solid foundation in the science and art of distillation, making it accessible for beginners.

3. The Distillation Process | Distilling for Brewers

Dive deeper into the distillation process. This chapter details the step-by-step procedure of distillation, from heating the mash to collecting and evaluating the distillate.

4. The Components of a Still | Distilling for Brewers

Understand the key components of a distillation still. This chapter breaks down the anatomy of stills, explaining how each part contributes to the distillation process.

5. Proofing Your Spirit | Distilling for Brewers

Explore the concept of proofing in distillation. Learn how to measure and adjust the alcohol content of your distilled spirits to achieve the desired strength.

6. The Distillation | Distilling for Brewers

Get a comprehensive overview of the distillation process. This chapter covers the basics of separating alcohol from the mash and the role of distillation in refining the spirit.

7. Mashing for Distilling | Distilling for Brewers

Mashing is the foundation of distillation. This chapter delves into the process of creating the mash, including the choice of grains, fermentation, and the crucial role it plays in flavor development.

8. Barrel Aging Your Spirit | Distilling for Brewers

Discover the art and science of barrel aging. This chapter explores the impact of wooden barrels on the flavor and character of distilled spirits like whiskey and rum, emphasizing the role of time and patience.

9. Safety | Distilling for Brewers

Safety is paramount in the world of distillation. This chapter covers essential safety protocols, equipment, and guidelines to ensure a secure environment for the distillation process.

10. Glassware | Distilling for Brewers

Glassware is essential for precision in distillation. Learn about the various types of glassware used in distillation, their functions, and the importance of proper care and calibration.