CS&D Podcast Episode 2: Ale Ochoa Takes a Scientific Approach to Sensory Evaluation and Whiskey Blending

Sensory scientist and experienced whiskey blender Ale Ochoa joins Molly to discuss the finer points of developing a palate, articulating flavor and aroma attributes, training a sensory team, testing and validating results, and more.

Molly Troupe Mar 26, 2024 - 4 min read

CS&D Podcast Episode 2: Ale Ochoa Takes a Scientific Approach to Sensory Evaluation and Whiskey Blending Primary Image

Original photo courtesy Firestone & Robertson

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Ale Ochoa is an expert sensory scientist and master blender with years of experience building sensory teams both large and small. In this episode, she outlines key parameters for sensory programs as well as both simple and more complex ways of deploying sensory tools to improve blends, identify flaws, create more compelling descriptions, and make better spirits.

Through this episode, she covers:

  • Understanding flavor and aroma interactions in blends
  • Identifying flaws and setting thresholds for fixes
  • Training and validating sensory panelists
  • Testing methods for identifying flaws as well as positive attributes
  • Evaluating results in statistically significant ways
  • Calibrating your palate and training on attributes
  • Telling stories through whiskey blends

And more.

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With a Bachelor degree in Chemistry (with an emphasis in forensics) and a Master degree in Brewing and Distilling from the legendary Heriot Watt University, Molly Troupe uses her education and experience to create products focused on localized ingredients and masterful flavor combinations. As Master Distiller and Partner at Freeland Spirits in Portland, Oregon, she has released six different products ranging from gin to whiskey to canned cocktails.