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Go Long: Helpful Tips for Long-Term Whiskey Maturation

Older isn’t necessarily better—despite the interest in higher age statements—but there are specific, achievable ways to help set up longer-aged whiskeys for success.

Devin Ershow Jan 4, 2024 - 10 min read

Go Long: Helpful Tips for Long-Term Whiskey Maturation Primary Image

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These days, brands such as Pappy Van Winkle, Weller, and Elijah Craig with age statements reaching up to 20 years and beyond have the consumer crazed for extra-matured whiskey. This is a relatively new phenomenon, but as the demand for these whiskeys continues to skyrocket, producers are trying to figure out how to age their whiskeys for longer.

You might think this is as simple as leaving whiskey in the barrel, but that is far from the case. There are a lot of things to consider if you want to age a whiskey that’s worth the wait.

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Devin Ershow is the cofounder of American Mash & Grain, a whiskey blog/blending house that endeavors to elevate the profile of the American Craft Whiskey Movement. He is also the head mixologist for Stranahan’s Colorado Whiskey. He is an Executive Bourbon Steward through the Stave and Thief Society and a Level 2 Award Recipient with Distinction from the Wine & Spirits Education Trust (WSET).