Roller Mills vs. Hammer Mills for Distilleries: Invest in a Superior Milling Process

RMS has been at the forefront of creating superior grain mill machines that make a substantial difference in the distilling process.

RMS Roller-Grinder (Sponsored) Mar 21, 2024 - 5 min read

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RMS Roller-Grinder Mill

RMS Roller-Grinder can help take your distillery to the next level with high-quality distilling equipment. Our premier malt-handling equipment gives distillers the grind they need to produce high-quality spirits.

Importance of Particle Size

When distilling, selecting the right grain is key to achieving the desired flavor profile and quality in the final spirit. Beyond the quality of the grain itself—whether barley, corn, rye, or other raw ingredients—each will have its own set of requirements when it comes to the milling process. As a distiller, you need to carefully consider the particle size of your grains and the method you use to grind your grain to ensure a balanced, flavorful, and consistent product.

You need to adjust the settings on your equipment to ensure the appropriate sieve distributions for each raw material. The size of the grain particles can greatly impact the efficiency of the mashing process and the extraction of flavors during distillation. Corn and rye can be tougher products to crush, so it’s imperative to have the right equipment to give a consistent particle size without frequently wearing out machine components. RMS roller mills can provide the finer grain crush needed for distilling but are also strong enough to grind harder grains such as corn and rye.

Benefits of RMS Roller Mills

Our roller mills offer several significant benefits compared to other milling methods.

Consistent Grind

Roller mills provide a significantly more consistent grind, resulting in a uniform particle size, which in turn leads to excellent flavor, aroma, and consistency. Our mills provide a consistent grist, but they also help maximize the extraction of fermentable sugars from grains, resulting in a higher efficiency.

Reduced Fines and Powder

Roller mills produce less “fines” or powder during the milling process. This reduction in fine particles minimizes dust production and enhances product quality.

Lower Horsepower Requirements

Compared to alternative milling equipment, roller mills typically require lower horsepower to achieve similar throughput rates. This reduction in power leads to lower operating costs and improved energy efficiency, making roller mills a cost-effective choice for milling operations.

Reduced Dust

While they are operating, roller mills produce significantly less dust, creating a cleaner and safer working environment. This also reduces the need for maintenance and increases equipment longevity.

Energy Efficiency

Along with lower horsepower requirements, roller mills are energy-efficient, requiring less power to operate, thus helping reduce overall operating costs.

Quieter Operation

Roller mills operate at lower noise levels compared to hammer mills, providing a quieter and more comfortable working environment.

Introducing the RMS VersaMill®

The VersaMill® is an advanced industrial roller mill from RMS. As a direct-drive roller grinder, it provides greater control of your desired particle size. The VersaMill® comes in similar sizes and capacities to our standard roller mills but includes several special features to maximize your grinding efficiency and productivity.

The VersaMill® does this by enabling you to manipulate both the roll speed and roll differentials. In addition to improved grind consistency, this higher level of control also offers significant energy savings compared to a conventional roller mill or a hammer mill.

For brewstilleries, or breweries interested in adding distilling into their operation, RMS also offers a mill designed and optimized for both industries. This new mill was designed with brewstilleries in mind, allowing for a high-quality crush for brewing and a finer quality distiller’s grind, with the flip of a switch. Contact us to learn more about this new offering.

To get the most out of your distillery, you need to consider all aspects of your malt-handling and milling equipment. A well-planned, well-built grain-handling system will save you time and money by increasing the efficiency and output of your grain mill distilling operation. We design and build quality roller mills and grain-handling systems for your specific distilling needs. Our hands-on approach provides the most advanced industry-leading equipment and service, designed to give you a consistent, quality grind while building a lasting partnership.

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