Video Tip: Aging and Cask Finishing Single-Malt Whiskey at a Small Distillery

In this clip from his video course, Boulder Spirits distiller Justin Baier shares several details about how they age, evaluate, blend, and proof down different barrels of single-malt whiskeys, as well as how they finish some in different kinds of casks.

Justin Baier Mar 7, 2024 - 1 min read

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In this course, Justin Baier, distiller at Colorado’s Boulder Spirits, guides us through the process and materials of making an American single-malt whiskey. You’ll explore equipment and design, ingredients, fermentation, distillation, barrel-aging, finishing, and more. Baier also shares details on their process at Boulder Spirits— including some similarities and key differences from brewing beer—as well as what they’re continuing to learn on their journey.

During the full-length 36-minute course, included in your Craft Spirits & Distilling subscription, Justin covers:

  • the importance of quality ingredients
  • the steps of whiskey production, and some of the similarities and differences compared to brewing
  • the two-run distillation process with a one-pot still
  • selecting wood barrels for aging and finishing
  • a holistic approach to achieving the best possible flavors

And more.