Reade Huddleston

Reade Huddleston is director of distillation and spirits for Monster Brewing. Huddleston received his masters in brewing and distilling science from Heriot-Watt University in Scotland and has been working professionally in brewing and distilling for the past 11 years in Britain, Canada, and the United States.

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Descriptive Analysis: When Evaluating Spirits, Use Your Words

It can be time-consuming and expensive to establish and train a well-run descriptive tasting panel—but it’s a powerful tool for craft distillers to assess their products for flavor, aroma, and consistency.

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Hedonic Testing: Gauging the Liking of Spirits

While there are limitations—and scoring high on likeability is no guarantee that a product will succeed—properly conducted hedonic testing can be a powerful tool for distillers and others in the beverage business.

Discriminating Tastes: Testing for Differences in Your Spirits

When distillers need sensory evaluation to identify outliers or differences in samples, look no further than discriminative testing. Here’s how it works.

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Statistics, But Not Damned Lies: Analyzing Your Spirits

When it comes to analyzing the results of sensory evaluation, statistics can be a complicated yet powerful tool to use in the pursuit of higher-quality spirits.

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Setting Up Your Distillery’s Sensory Program for Success

To set up the best possible sensory evaluation at your distillery, you want to identify the most effective evaluators and know how to properly run your tests. Here are some tips to ensure you’re collecting the most valuable data on your spirits.

Principles of a Thoughtful Distillery Sensory Program

Ready to start some sensory analysis on your products? Know your target, and know your weaknesses. In the first of a series, here’s an introduction to three main types of testing, as well as some biases that can occur when anyone tastes a spirit.