Sailor Guevara

Sailor Guevara is a spirits specialist, hospitality veteran, published author, podcast host, and award-winning mixologist who’s been involved with the spirits industry for 30-plus years. She won the Icon of Whiskey Award in 2020, bestowed on the individual who most capably advances understanding and appreciation for the craft of whiskey-making.

Distillers, Mothers, Cocktail Lovers

Here’s how to celebrate Mother’s Day in a way that befits a distiller.

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Might “Cold Peating” Offer a New Approach for American Single-Malt Whiskey?

Granulated peat—pulled from American soil and driven by environmental concerns—is different from the peat moss traditionally used in the production of Scotch. At least one distillery is experimenting with cold infusions that add a different dimension to single-malt whiskey.

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How Distilleries Can Craft a Winning Bar Program

An on-site liquid-to-lips program is essential for producers to connect with customers—and not just your visitors, but also the bars where you aim to gain a foothold. Here are some key points to keep in mind when setting up and refining the bar program at your own distillery.

Use Your Booze, Please the Crowd: Delicious Homemade Liqueurs

Once you get into making your own liqueurs, it can be hard to stop, whether at the bar or at home—there are many ways to get creative, they make great gifts, and they can help you use up those leftover spirits.

Making Artfully Infused Spirits—at Home, Bar, or Anywhere

Do the spirits on the shelf lack the flavor you’re looking for? Infusion could be the answer—and it’s also a path to faster, easier cocktails.

Festive Beer Cocktails for the Holidays

It’s a time to celebrate, a time to gather with loved ones, a time to indulge, and a time to mark the passing of another year. Oh, it’s also a time to mix beer with booze.

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Planning with Care: What to Know about Designing a Craft Distillery

Thinking of starting a distillery? Besides raising the capital to build it, the most crucial step will be planning the layout. Here are some pointers from the experts to get you started.

The Case for New-Fashioned Old Fashioneds

Disregard the purists. The sky’s the limit when it comes to variations on the old fashioned—especially when you make your own bitters or syrup, or when you change things up with the whiskey.