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How Distilleries Can Craft a Winning Bar Program

An on-site liquid-to-lips program is essential for producers to connect with customers—and not just your visitors, but also the bars where you aim to gain a foothold. Here are some key points to keep in mind when setting up and refining the bar program at your own distillery.

Sailor Guevara Feb 29, 2024 - 14 min read

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Every distillery visitor is a potential customer, and they’re more likely to consume your spirits in a cocktail than neat. That’s why the bar is a crucial piece of any distillery’s planning and why maximizing the guest experience is essential. The bar should be a simple, focused, and efficient showcase of your spirits.

Then, once you’ve honed that program, you can begin applying its successes and lessons learned to the wider on-premise market. What follows is advice from veteran bartenders and experts on how to achieve that goal.

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Sailor Guevara is a spirits specialist, hospitality veteran, published author, podcast host, and award-winning mixologist who’s been involved with the spirits industry for 30-plus years. She won the Icon of Whiskey Award in 2020, bestowed on the individual who most capably advances understanding and appreciation for the craft of whiskey-making.